VCool AC Unit

AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONING UNIT functions the removal of heat and humidity from inside the vehicle. The principle applied is that heat is removed by conduction and convection. An evaporator which is cold absorbs the heat from the air that is passed through it and then cold air is forced out through the vents inside the car by the blower motor. This is done by pressurizing refrigerant (134a) with a compressor and then releasing refrigerant (134a) inside the air conditioner evaporator.

For all above process, every part plays an important role, so during the assembling of Unit Superior quality products are being used to get the superior results keeping in view the Engine capacity of your car.

Available For:

  • Ac Set Mehran Duet w/o Compressor
  • Ac Set Mehran SD Complete
  • Ac Set Toyota Vigo Complete
  • Ac Set Mehran Turbo w/o Compressor
  • Ac Set Suzuki Kyber Complete
  • Ac Set Suzuki Potohar Jeep Complete
  • Ac Set Suzuki Cultus Complete
  • & Many More

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